Legislative Influence

AGC’s Public and Strategic Affairs Department is focused on protecting the interests of the commercial construction industry. The Legislative Forum develops AGC’s core policy issues which serve as a guide for all of the Government Affairs team’s work.

AGC’s Public and Strategic Affairs team works closely with a broad range of elected and non-elected public officials to shape industry sensitive legislation and regulations that impact how the industry conducts its day-to-day business. The AGC Oregon-Columbia Chapter’s Political Action Committees constitute the political arm of the chapter and engage in the following political activities:

  1. Support candidates seeking public office, and
  2. Support or oppose issues or ballot measures that have a significant impact on the construction industry.

Read through the core policy issues for additional information on AGC’s legislative priorities and goals.

Visit the AGC Blog for the most current legislative news.


2021 Legislative Session Report

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2015 Legislative Session Report
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2014 Post-Election Report

For further information about AGC’s Public and Strategic Affairs Department, please contact Public Affairs Project Manager Lauren Kuenzi.


The Legislative Forum is open to any AGC member interested in participating in the shaping of the chapter’s core policies. Participants include representation across all contractor sectors and industry associates. AGC’s Public Affairs director and lobbying team utilize the core policies to guide their efforts in Salem.

Meetings are held annually. Additional meetings will be convened at the discretion of the co-chairs to develop and approve the core policies to be recommended to AGC’s Board of Directors.

The forum is led by Co-Chairs Dee Burch of Advanced American Construction and Tom Gerding of Gerding Builders, LLC. If you would like to become involved with the Legislative Forum, please contact Public Affairs Counsel Kirsten Adams.


The AGC Committee for Action and Building a Better Oregon PACs are independent non-profit organizations that engage in political activities of importance to the AGC Oregon-Columbia Chapter. Under the direction of Chair Tom Gerding and the board of directors of the AGC Committee for Action, the PAC makes contributions to candidates and causes that are important to the commercial construction industry in Oregon.

In addition to contributions, the PAC strives to increase the political awareness of AGC members. Through voter registration drives, communications about AGC-supported and endorsed candidates, and opportunities to meet with local elected officials, the AGC PAC is committed to building the political strength of the construction industry through grassroots development.

For more information about the AGC’s Political Action Committees, please contact Public and Strategic Affairs Director John Rakowitz.

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