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Category: In the News

AGC adds online training programs with Builders Campus

AGC Oregon-Columbia Chapter is proud to partner with Builders Campus to bring management skills training tor construction professionals in an online environment. Chapter members receive significantly discounted rates. Try it

AGC Retirement Plans: Are they for you?

Did you know that AGC provides members an affordable (no cost!) retirement plan benefit that will help retain your current employees and attract new ones?  The AGC plan offers diversified

AGC Members are Stepping Up in Salem

Yesterday, the Senate confirmed David Andersen, president of Andersen Construction Company, Inc. and AGC past president from 2001, to the Workers’ Compensation Division’s Management Labor Advisory Committee. Once David Andersen

AGC Board votes to comment on lawsuit

The AGC Board of Directors has voted to submit a “friend of the court” brief to the Oregon Court of Appeals in a lawsuit questioning whether insurance carriers or contractors

Imbalance in the Real Estate Market

  In a recent blog post at,  Oregon economist Bill Conerly analyzes the state of the real estate sector. His conclusion: the past isn’t necessarily prologue. In past economic

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