Safety Meeting App

With the AGC Safety Meeting App, you can manage your workplace safety more effectively.

Safety Meeting App is the premier provider of OSHA compliant safety meetings and checklists – with more than 1,100 safety meeting topics

  • Covers over 34 trade types
  • Meets OSHA’s safety meeting requirements
  • 1,100+ safety meeting topics
  • Document meetings, incidents, accidents, near misses
  • Access from your phone, tablet, or computer
  • Print and download PDF reports
  • Multiple administrators
  • Spanish and English topics
  • Stores active/inactive employee data
  • Routine updates
  • Checklists
  • Multiple users
  • Take pictures of meeting attendees, incidents, and accidents

The Safety Meeting App is Perfect For:

General, trade/specialty, and sub-contractors who work on residential and commercial projects. It’s been proven to work for small and large corporations alike.

The Safety Meeting App Allows You To:

Easily store current and past meetings electronically and securely in the cloud in the event they are needed.

Customer Support:

As a new customer, you will receive a phone call to help you get started and answer any questions about the app.

Safety Meeting Topics:

Safety meeting app has an extensive array of relevant and concise, OSHA compliant safety meeting topics and toolbox talks available conveniently at your fingertips.

  • Over 1,100 safety meeting topics! Safety Meeting App has a wide array of subjects; you’ll have plenty of safety topics to cover in your meetings. Each topic is also available in Spanish!
  • Safety meeting topics have been carefully researched and are based on the latest safety guidelines and industry-leading best practices. This list continues to grow as new ones become available.
  • Safety meeting topics are being updated constantly, so new ones will become available with many of our app updates.
  • Safety meeting topics and toolbox talks come in both English and Spanish and can be easily searched by keyword.

Safety Checklists – Secure and Customizable

The objective of the checklists is to make employers and employees aware of the many factors to be considered when implementing a safety program.

By using the safety checklists, you will be able to document and securely record potential hazards with the push of a button.

The checklists can be customized for your specific needs, so you can ensure that the information you need is collected, and the precautions that need to be followed are presented correctly.

See the following list of currently available checklists – this list is expanded on constantly, and checklists can be created specifically for your use scenario:

  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Bucket Truck
  • Confined Space Entry Permit (GSA 3625)
  • Daily Project Report
  • Daily – Drill Rig Pre-use Inspection
  • Daily – Mechanized Equipment Inspection Form
  • Daily – Mobile Crane Pre-use Inspection
  • Daily – Pipe Loading and Unloading
  • Daily – Vacuum Excavator Service Safety
  • Energized Electrical Work Permit
  • Excavation and Trench Field Inspection
  • Excavations
  • Facility Security and Public Safety
  • Fall Protection
  • Fire Safety
  • Forklift Pre-Operation Safety Inspection (Propane Truck)
  • Forklift Pre-Start Checklist – 1606
  • Full Body Harness Inspection Form
  • GFCI Weekly Inspection Chart
  • Hoists, Elevators, and Conveyors
  • Hot Work Permit
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Job Site Inspection
  • Job Site Safety Audit
  • Jobsite Orientation Training
  • Jobsite Safety
  • Journey Management Plan
  • JSA
  • Ladder Inspection Form
  • Materials Handling, Storage, and Disposal
  • Monthly Electrical Inspection
  • Power Transmission and Distribution
  • Pre-Task Safety Analysis (PTSA)
  • Roofing Job Safety Checklist Form
  • Roofing Jobsite Safety Inspection
  • Roofing Pitfalls
  • Roofing Warehouse Comprehensive Audit
  • Safety Inspection
  • Safety Planning
  • Safety Team Comprehensive Audit
  • Scaffold Inspection and Maintenance
  • Scissor Lift Daily Inspection
  • Self-Retracting Lifeline (Yo-Yo) Inspection Form
  • Site Safety Inspection
  • Stake Body Daily
  • Swing Stage Daily Safety Inspection
  • Telehandler Pre-Shift Check Sheet
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Vehicle Inspection (Electric)
  • Weekly-Slings, Chains and Rigging Inspection Form
  • Welding and Cutting
  • Workplace Injury Report

Getting the App is Easy!

This product is available to interested chapter members, but you must set up your account. Click on the email address below to authorize the app vendor to send you your individual account:

You will receive your credentials to set up your personal account and instructions for downloading the app.

Interested members who opt in using the instructions outlined above will receive the first year of the AGC Safety Meeting App free for a single user account as a benefit of membership. Each member company can then choose to purchase additional users directly through your account representative at Safety Meeting App if desired.

The AGC Oregon-Columbia Chapter will no longer be offering SafetyPLUS as a featured member benefit. Those members who have established accounts with SafetyPLUS may continue to subscribe individually, but the costs for the basic platform will no longer be covered by the chapter.

If you would like more information about the AGC Safety Meeting App, check out or contact your AGC safety management consultant.

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