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Interested in Furthering CTE-STEM Education?…Join us!

AGC has joined the Oregon CTE-STEM Employer Coalition and your company can too!

CTE-STEM Employer CoalitionToo many skilled job openings in the Oregon economy are either going unfilled or are filled by out-of-state applicants because not enough Oregonians have the math, science, and applied technical education required. This is costly to our industry, our economy, our tax base, and to our citizens. In particular, it represents a lost opportunity to put many Oregonians on a path from poverty to prosperity.

Employers concerned about this problem have come together to form the Oregon CTE-STEM Employer Coalition to support state policy changes and investments for math, science, and technical education that connects to well-paying jobs and careers, such as those within the construction industry. The purpose of the coalition is to advocate for unified and strategic state investment in career technical education (CTE) and in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.

The coalition sees CTE and STEM investments as a continuum for preparing students for the cognitive demands of technical occupations and life—from critical inquiry to logical reasoning to practical problem solving.

Key Outcomes Sought by the Coalition:

  • Double the number of fourth and eighth grade students proficient in math and science by 2025.
  • Double the number of CTE-STEM degrees and certificates by 2025.
  • Increase participation of students from under-represented groups.
  • Long range, achieve:
    • Higher per capita income
    • Poverty reduction
    • Increased revenues for public services

Key Actions Needed:

  1. Provide strategic grants to spark new models, adjust school funding formulas to pay for higher costs of programs, and connect programs more closely with industry.
  2. Clarify and align learning pathways to help students better navigate to their education and career goals.
  3. Connect employers more closely with students and schools.
  4. Expand the size and capacity of our CTE-STEM teacher corps by recruiting and training additional CTE and STEM classroom teachers.
  5. Implement a coordinated communications campaign to change student and parental perceptions of CTE-STEM careers and to increase awareness of opportunities and pathways.

What Can You Do?

Want to get involved and help shape the future of our industry? Join the coalition today by filling out the Commitment to Participate Form.

Once complete, please email your form to Sarah Coghill.

For more information on the CTE-STEM Employer Coalition please contact Kyle Ritchey-Noll.

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