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Federal Tax Reform Webinar: Monday, November 20

Tax reform legislation is moving quickly in both the US House and Senate, with the House of Representatives preparing to pass it’s legislation today. The situation remains fluid.

AGC wants to ensure chapters and members have the latest information on where various tax provisions of interest to our industry stand. Click here to find a chart comparing the House and Senate tax reform bills, put together by AGCA’s Director of Congressional Relations, Tax, Fiscal Affairs, & Accounting Matt Turkstra.

In addition, AGCA on Monday, November 20 (11:00 am–12:30 pm PST) is holding a free webinar for AGC members and chapters on where this important legislation stands and its outlook for passage (see details below). Link to webinar is here: of Federal Tax Reform Billstraining/events/webed-how-tax-reform-may-impact-your-construction-businessmarket-agc

Please feel free to join us for the webinar.



WebEd: How Tax Reform May Impact YOUR Construction Business/Market

Monday, Nov. 20, 2017 from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm ET

Register today for this complementary webinar for AGC members. As you know, the most far-reaching tax reform legislation since 1986 is speeding through Congress. No matter what your construction market—public or private—or construction firm—c-corporation, s-corporation, LLC, LLP, or partnership—the passage of this legislation will have an impact on you.

During this webinar, AGCA’s lead infrastructure and tax lobbyists on Capitol Hill—Sean O’Neill and Matt Turkstra— and Chief Economist Ken Simonson will discuss:

  • The latest updates on what’s in and what’s out of the tax reform legislation;
  • The likelihood of its becoming law and, if so, when it would take effect;
  • What this could mean for your construction business—no matter the type, c-corp, s-corp, LLC, partnership or so forth;
  • What this could mean for your construction marketplace—public or private; and
  • How AGC is advocating for your business and what you can do to help shape this critical legislation.

For more information, contact Matt Turkstra at or 202-547-4733.

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