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CTE Revitalization Grant Reviewers Needed

CTE Revitalization Grant Request for Application

The CTE Revitalization Grant Request for Application (RFA) has been released and is available on the Oregon Department of Education website. This competitive grant is awarded once each biennium to support development or enhancement of CTE in public middle schools and high schools in Oregon. The recipient can be a public school district, charter school, or ESD. The maximum grant award is $350,000.00 for individual recipients and $450,000.00 for collaborative projects. This year there is also an optional supplement to fund middle school CTE summer programs. An application for the supplement can be submitted with a full CTE Revitalization Grant or as an entirely separate project. On the CTE Revitalization Grant page you will find links to past materials as well as a summary of the recommendations from the CTE Revitalization Grant Advisory Committee.

Request for Reviewers

We are looking for volunteer CTE Revitalization Grant reviewers. If you are interested in reviewing grants, please complete the online form. The form includes information on the commitments a reviewer must make to be considered. Association with a grant application does not disqualify someone from reviewing. No reviewer will be asked to review grants they worked on. We need reviewers from business, industry, labor, trades, and education.

Online form:

Please contact Gabby Nunley, education specialist at the Oregon Department of Education, with any questions.

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