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Happy Retirement Jack Markgraf!

Happy Retirement Jack Markgraf!

Jack Markgraf, Horizon Erectors

Jack Markgraf, former chair of the Klamath Area Council, recently retired. At the May Board of Directors Meeting, Jack was recognized by Chapter President Jim McKune for his long-time service to the board, the chapter, and his community.

Jack Markgraf has been a member of AGC for nearly 20 years. Horizon Erectors joined AGC in 1995, and shortly thereafter Jack helped form the Klamath Area Council, the first council created to address the needs of local members. Its goals were to help unify the region’s contractors on a business level, create opportunities for them to come together and socialize, and to help them reach out to their community. Jack really created a sense of family for our members in the area.

Jack has been a leader of the area council since its inception, and under his direction they have helped improve the industry and the livability and educational opportunities of Klamath County in a manner that serves as a model for our other area councils. They have supported their local schools and colleges, apprenticeship programs, helped build a sports park and an ice skating arena, a veterans memorial park, and low-income housing for the community.

In the SIR Award’s 40 year history, the Klamath Area Council is the only group that has received a SIR Award [2001].

And their parties are legendary.

All of this is in no small part due to the influence and leadership of Jack Markgraf.

The economy has been extremely tough in Klamath, and even as his own business began to slow down, Jack’s first priority has been to ensure that his employees found work with other area contractors. He kept his doors open as long as was needed to make sure everyone was taken care of.

We would like to recognize Jack, and the countless hours he has spent in support of the industry, his colleagues, his community, and our association.

Good luck to Jack and his family, and here’s to a long and happy retirement!

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