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Check Out ODOT’s Small Contracting Program

ODOT’s newly-restructured Small Contracting Program supports small businesses

ODOT Civil RightsODOT invites contractors, consultants, and professional services to join their newly-restructured Small Contracting Program, or SCP. The “refreshed” program now offers more than 300 work categories that businesses can identify an interest in through a simple, online registration program. Each SCP work category has been identified as a potential opportunity for businesses to work directly for ODOT.

Highlights of the new program:

  • When state procurement rules allow a 3–5 quote process rather than publicly advertised solicitations, ODOT can contact businesses for direct contracting opportunities.
  • After you register your business with the SCP, ODOT can quickly locate you in a search system unique to them, and they can sort by location and work categories—easily identifying businesses that are ready, willing, and able to perform.
  • ODOT can use the SCP list to reach out to targeted companies by email, inviting them to participate rather than posting a public solicitation those same businesses may or may not see.

ODOT is committed to using the SCP throughout the department to create diverse contracting opportunities across a wide spectrum of services.

You are encouraged to visit the ODOT SCP website for more information, vendor self-registration, and a complete list of work categories available.

If you have questions about the SCP and other business development programs or just want to talk about the new program, please contact John Downing, Small Business Programs manager, 503-986-3016 or

About the Small Contracting Program

The primary goal of the Small Contracting Program (SCP) is to provide a contracting mechanism for outreach to business entities. The SCP is welcomed by ODOT as a means to build effective working relationships with companies who can benefit from the knowledge and experience of working as prime on ODOT projects. As an adjunct to this goal ODOT staff will provide a mentor relationship with these companies, working with them to gain the skills required to be successful in contracting opportunities with ODOT.

The Small Contracting Program is made up of three divisions:

  • Architectural and Engineering and Related Services (A & E)
  • Construction (C)
  • Other Services to include Non A & E Personal Services and Trade Services (OS).

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