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OSU School of CCE Student Research Survey

***This survey was originally distributed during fall quarter on behalf of Shafayet Ahmed, Ph.D. student in Construction Engineering Management (CEM) at Oregon State University. It is being redistributed now during spring quarter to gather as many responses as possible. Shafayet is requesting assistance on his research project regarding current industry perception on mass timber buildings in the U.S. Thank you for your time.***

Shafayet Ahmed is a Ph.D. student at Oregon State University majoring in Construction Engineering and Management. As part of his doctoral research, he has been working on a research project to determine the current industry perception regarding the mass timber buildings in the U.S. construction market. The aim is to address the existing advantages, challenges, and future scopes to streamline the process of mass timber building construction. In order to address the research objectives, a questionnaire survey has been developed to provide a good insight into what the industry is thinking about the mass timber building.

It would be appreciated if you could spend some time and answer the questions provided in the survey. If you already responded the survey before, please do not respond again.

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