Chapter Councils and Committees

Chapter Councils and Committees

For more information on any committee, contact AGC, 503-682-3363, 800-826-6610, or send an email.

Board of Directors

The board of directors is comprised of elected, appointed, and designated members representing all segments of the chapter’s membership. Directors serve a one year term but may be re-elected for subsequent terms. Elected directors are nominated each year by the Nominating Committee and must be principals, officers, or employees of general contractor members.

Collective Bargaining Council

This council is an important resource during negotiation of all labor agreements with the five construction crafts with which AGC contracts—Carpenters, Cement Masons, Laborers, Operating Engineers, and Teamsters. The council is also devoted to creating a positive, businesslike partnership with not only the trade unions but also any other entities involved with the construction industry that impact the signatory contractor members of the AGC.

Construction Leadership Council

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) was established to fulfill the need to cultivate the next generation of leaders in the construction industry. The CLC is a conduit for participants to network, exchange ideas about work and the industry, serve local communities, continue professional development, and develop leadership skills.

Construction Management Education Council (CMEC)

The goal of this council is to encourage dynamic leadership and highly qualified management in the construction industry. Members act in an advisory and support capacity to advance construction management education at institutions of higher education throughout Oregon.

Events Task Force

The Events Task Force meets annually to review the full year’s schedule of chapter networking events. The task force also ensures that all events serve a strategic purpose and guides general policy on event resource allocation, scheduling, and structure of events. (The group is not responsible for managing specific events.)

Five Craft Committee

The Five-Craft Committee is comprised of the negotiating chairs of each of the union crafts negotiating teams. The crafts for which AGC has been assigned collective bargaining rights are: the Carpenters, the Operators, the Laborers (Oregon and SW Washington), the Cement Masons, and the Teamsters. This committee meets to review information pertaining to labor negotiations, sets and implements negotiating strategies, and coordinates and communicates with member companies who have assigned bargaining rights to AGC.

Highway/Heavy/Utility Contractors Council

This council promotes the civil sector of the construction industry, and specifically works with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT). Members meet annually at a joint AGC/ODOT meeting to discuss issues of mutual concern and to hear about the progress made on issues raised by industry.

Klamath Area Council

The Klamath Area Council is a network of contractors and industry associates in the Klamath area. The council was formed to better connect the region’s contractors with the benefits of AGC membership and to create opportunities for interaction among the area’s members.

Legal Operating Committee

This committee is open to representatives from member law firms only. Committee members meet as needed to respond to a broad variety of issues and to review requests by AGC members for chapter involvement in legal action. Committee members may also be asked to provide limited response to member questions regarding legal issues their individual company is experiencing.

Legislative Forum

Members interested in shaping the chapter’s legislative agenda are encouraged to participate in this committee. AGC lobbyists take direction from this committee and work to advance the legislative agenda after it is approved by the committee and the AGC Board of Directors. Significant issues commonly dealt with include state prevailing wage laws, public contracting issues, and securing adequate funding for capitol improvement projects.

Professional and Industry Associates Council

This council is comprised of member firms that provide goods and/or services to the construction industry such as lawyers, accountants, equipment rental companies, and insurance agents. Council activities include planning and hosting educational and networking events.

Rogue Valley Area Council

The Rogue Valley Area Council was created in 2008 to organize and unify members in Southern Oregon.

Rogue Valley Safety & Health Committee

The Rogue Valley Safety and Health Committee seeks to expand the safety and health of the construction industry in the region. Representatives or safety contacts from general contractors, subcontractors, and associates of all sizes are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Safety and Health Council

Members of this council share ideas, provide educational opportunities, and discuss problems affecting the safety and well being of employees throughout the industry. The council regularly interacts with OR-OSHA and Washington DOSH on construction-specific issues, and provides resources to promote a safety and health culture within the construction community.

Small Business Growth Opportunity (SB-GO!)

SB-GO supports women- and minority-owned and ESB construction businesses through community involvement, educational opportunities, and program support. Opportunities provided to committee members include attendance at business community events, low-cost or free educational opportunities, and announcements for special events and seminars.

South Coast Area Council

The South Coast Area Council is a network of contractors and industry associates brought together to better connect the region’s contractors with the benefits of AGC membership and to create opportunities for interaction among the area’s members.

SW Washington Area Council

The SW Washington Area Council is a network of contractors and industry associates brought together to better connect the region’s contractors with the benefits of AGC membership and to create opportunities for interaction among the area’s members.

Workers’ Compensation Negotiating Committee

This committee is open to participating members of the AGC/SAIF Workers’ Comp Retro Program who are interested in helping select appropriate plan factors, understanding program design and impact, monitoring plan performance, and helping to shape marketing and communication strategies. The committee meets annually in the spring for negotiations, and on an as-needed basis.

Workforce and Professional Development Committee

This committee coordinates education programs, recruitment efforts, and public relations messages that target the construction workforce. The committee exercises budget and program oversight to the following workforce initiatives: workforce diversity, student chapter support, technology grants to higher education, ACE Academy charter high school, Oregon Building Congress, Northwest College of Construction, and Oregon State University Construction Engineering Management, construction programs in local community colleges, and other related activities.

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