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Do You Have What It Takes to be an Ironworker?

iron worker smallThe month of October has been declared by the Governor as “Careers in Construction Month.” Do you have what it takes to join this well-paying and highly skilled industry?

Ironworkers erect the structural framework for high rise buildings, bridges, power plants, and towers. They place reinforcing steel in concrete forms for roadways, foundations and structures and erect the aluminum fascia on high rise window walls. Tools of the trade include: wrenches, connecting bars, tape measures, levels, jacks, arc welders, welding torches, and oxy-acetylene torches—sweet!


Working Conditions
Ironworkers work outside and at heights. Ironworkers often travel to job sites out of town. A valid driver´s license and good, reliable transportation are essential.

Length of Apprenticeship
The apprenticeship lasts four years. There is an opportunity to advance every six months before reaching journey level. Apprentices must complete a minimum of 200 classroom hours per year and 6,400 on-the-job training hours.

Minimum Qualifications
Apprenticeship applicants must be at least 18 years old. In addition, they must provide proof of high school graduation or general education development (GED) equivalent. Local apprenticeship committees may require additional qualifications.

Wages (Average, State of Oregon, 2015)
Beginning apprentices start at 65 percent of the journey-level wage. Upon successful completion of required class work and on-the-job hours, wages increase usually every six months, until the journey-level rate is achieved.
• Hourly: $27.45
• Annual: $56,119

Want more information? Check out Build Oregon!

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