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AGC Summer Convention Podcast – Presented by Business Tribune

During the 2019 Summer Convention, the Business Tribune recorded a podcast series of chapter members sharing their AGC stories. As a teaser to the chapter’s centennial in 2022, these podcasts are a great preview of how AGC has impacted not only the construction industry itself, but all those involved.

Here were some of the prompts to help the process:

  • How did you land in the construction industry?
  • How were you introduced to AGC?
  • Pivotal moments at AGC
  • Memories from AGC events/meetings
  • Thoughts on AGC and the industry

Angie Otto (Ball Janik, LLP) and Paige Spratt (Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt) give their associate member perspectives on how AGC and the construction industry have affected their professional work. Dan O’Brien (Current Electrical Contractors LLC and past president) focuses on the dynamic opportunities that come from getting involved in AGC. Hal Pritchett (Oregon State University professor emeritus) highlights how his program at OSU has played a huge role in developing Oregon’s construction industry. Jeanne Staton (Staton Companies and past president) shares her hurdles of being a woman in AGC and the industry and how AGC has helped her.


Click here for the complete list of podcasts to see all those who participated and shared their stories.

Keep your eye out for future video and voice centennial opportunities. We want to hear YOUR story!

Special thanks to the Business Tribune for the mobile podcast studio!

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