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Face Covering/Mask Update

This morning, we received the following information from Kevin Cannon, AGC of America’s director of Safety and Health Services: “We are well aware of the updated CDC guidance and the

Carbon Monoxide Awareness

By Andrew Haymart, CHST, Industrial Hygiene Technician Carbon Monoxide (CO), often called the invisible killer, is an odorless, colorless, tasteless, and poisonous gas; CO overexposure that causes thousands of people

Meet the New Build Oregon

The construction industry is booming, yet nearly 90 percent of contractors in Oregon and SW Washington report difficulty filling some or all of their skilled worker positions. It’s up to

National Ladder Safety Month – March 2021

National Ladder Safety Month It is imperative that we all continue to place serious and effective focus on ladder safety. Unsafe Behaviors Causing Accidents and Injuries: Improper type of ladder

Educator Externship: COVID Version

Our Educator Externship Can’t Be Stopped! As we all know, things change. This year the Educator Externship went partially virtual to stay within COVID guidelines, but participants were still able

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