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Have Fun in the Sun – But Drive Responsibly!

Have More Fun in the Sun – Drive Responsibly

Have Fun in the Sun - But Drive ResponsiblyJuly is the start of something magical, and all across Oregon road trip season has begun. The Olympic Trials, Oregon Country Fair, and Waterfront Blues Festival are just a few of the events that will be drawing crowds this season. With busy roads, it’s important to keep a few safety tips in mind before embarking on your summer adventures.

Get Your Vehicle in Shape

Before a trip, look over your car for potential problems. Check your tire wear and pressure, test your brakes, replace your battery and windshield wipers if needed, and ensure fluid levels are topped off. Check those tires and brakes on motorcycles and bicycles too.

Stay Alert

On the road, on your bicycle or on foot, stay focused and ditch the distractions. Pull off to a safe place immediately if you are getting drowsy; if you wait, it may be too late.

Avoid Other Distractions, Too

Children, cell phones, pets and GPS navigation systems are all potential distractions. Put down the phone, even at a light. Don’t try to change the GPS while driving. Ask a passenger to help you or pull off the road to a safe place.

Slow Down

The faster you are moving, the less time you have to react. Leave plenty of distance between you and others on the road. Following the speed limit helps get you where you are going safely, and gives passengers time to enjoy the scenery.

Drive Sober

It doesn’t matter if it’s a cold beer at a picnic or Oregon’s newly legalized cannabis…driving impaired is a bad idea. Drugs and alcohol can affect your reaction time, your distance perception, your vision and your concentration. Designated drivers, buses, trains and taxis are all great choices for enjoying your summertime events.

Don’t let hazardous driving prevent you and your family from enjoying the summer. Follow the rules of the road, stay informed with, and pledge to drive, ride and walk responsibly.

Know Before You Go

For the latest road conditions, visit

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