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Indoor Mask Mandate Coming to an End

woman in maskOn February 7, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) announced it will end the indoor mask mandate in public places by March 31, 2022.

OHA also stated they would consider lifting the general indoor mask requirement earlier than March 31, if hospitalizations decline to the levels projected by the end of March sooner than expected. The restrictions will not be lifted for places that fall under Oregon’s Healthcare setting rules. Additionally, the mask mandates for K-12 schools will not be lifted until March 31, 2022 in order to allow school districts time to prepare.

Once the mandate is lifted, employers may choose to continue to require masks in their workplace, or when performing certain types of work. For example, an employer may choose to require masks when employees will be working for long periods of time in close proximity to each other, or in positions with high public contact.

Whether an employer chooses to end its mask requirements or continue with a mandate in some capacity, all employers should update their policies to align with their practice.

Information provided by Cascade Employers Association

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