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High Energy Control Assessments (HECA)

Information provided by the Construction Safety Resource Alliance (CSRA) High Energy Control Assessments (HECA) is a new method of measuring safety performance that evaluates the extent to which front line

OHSU’s Respectful Workplace Initiative

With support from Oregon Department of Transportation and Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industry, a team at the Institute of Occupational Health Sciences at OHSU is developing and launching two

2024 Oregon Legislative Session Recap

In the brisk, month long 2024 Oregon Legislative Short Session, the legislature was focused primarily on issues around housing and Ballot Measure 110. The legislature was successful in passing legislation

Deep Dive into Asbestos Awareness Training

by Andrew Johnson,CSP, CHST, CRIS, AGC Safety Management Consulatant The presence of asbestos in older buildings and materials poses a significant health risk to workers across various industries. Asbestos, known

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