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AGC Members Receive Access to Youturn Health’s Program at a Discounted Rate

man wearing hard hat and safety vestToughness is valued in the construction industry, but stigma, shame, and fear prevent employees from getting the support they need for behavioral health and substance use issues. AGC of America and Youturn Health are here to help.

AGC members now have access to Youturn Health’s program at a discounted rate. The program includes:

  • Peer Support: Trained and certified peer coaches use their own experience with substance use, behavioral health, and recovery to help your employees make meaningful steps in their own journey.
  • Online Learning and Assessments: Access to over 450 educational videos and stories that help people understand stress, anxiety, depression, substance use, and more.
  • Family Support: Family and loved ones also get access to the program at no additional cost.

Click here to learn more.


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