HR Advice

Your human resource answers just a phone call or email away.

AGC’s HR Advice is designed to support Oregon-Columbia Chapter general and specialty contractor members and industry associate members by providing answers to frequently asked human resource-related questions. We have contracted with well-known, Portland-based consultant HR Answers to provide quality guidance on employment issues. You now have unlimited access (via phone or email) to our team of professional, certified consultants.

Call HR Advice For Help With:

  • Any termination
  • Creating a new position
  • Concerns around documenting performance
  • Questions about an unemployment claim
  • Ways to address staff turnover, downsizing, and layoffs
  • Employee leaves of absence
  • Compliance related issues (overtime, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA), etc.)
  • Concerns around discrimination, harassment, bullying, etc.
  • Your receipt of notice for any state or federal audit
  • Making a hiring decision (references incomplete, conflicting information, etc.)
  • Issues and circumstances requiring disciplinary action
  • An employee unexpectedly walks off the job
  • When an employee files any type of legal action or internal grievance
  • Any challenge with an employee grievance
  • Employee accommodation for light duty or Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • When an employee requests an exception to policy
  • Conflicts between an employee and supervisor that can’t be resolved
  • When the union comes knocking and you want to know what to do
  • Inquiries around contract costing, negotiation strategy, and contract administration
  • HR resources or websites
  • Sample interview questions
  • Clarification and questions around independent contractors
  • Any issues with overlap between labor law with human resources
  • Need for any HR forms

Members Can Ask HR Advice to Review (for a small fee):

  • Salary and pay for a position
  • Organizational policies, procedures, and corresponding forms
  • Handbook creation, review, or changes
  • Review or write correspondence to employees

Additional Services (hourly project work discounted 20%):

  • Salary surveys
  • Employee opinion survey
  • Performance management
  • HR audits/reviews
  • Affirmative Action plans
  • Recruiting assistance
  • Investigations
  • One-on-one coaching
  • And so much more

How Do I Take Advantage of HR Advice?

All you have to do to take advantage of AGC HR Advice is take a few minutes to fill out the authorization form, sign it, and send it back to us. Call the AGC office to get a copy of the authorization form, 503-682-3363 or 800-826-6610.

For more information on HR Answers, contact the AGC office, 503-682-3363 or 800-826-6610, or send an email to Judy Robinson.