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Take a Look at Regence

AGC would not be able to have the successful events and meetings without our generous partners! As a benefit of our yearly Partner Program, we spotlight some of our member partner companies. To learn more about them, we ask that they complete a list of questions:

What are the overall mission and goals of you company, and how do they relate to serving the construction industry?

Regence is a total health solutions company that is deeply rooted in a 100-year legacy of transforming the industry and the way people experience health care. And we’re committed to delivering a seamless, personalized health care experience for the next 100 years. Our foundation was built on providing insurance for loggers in the Pacific Northwest, and that quickly expanded to providing insurance for all kinds of business and individuals, including construction. Regence covers more members in construction than any other carrier in the state of Oregon.

AGC Health Benefit TrustWhat is the value of your partnership with AGC, and how does it support your company’s purpose?

The AGC/Regence partnership has been a mutually beneficial relationship that allows AGC to operate its own health trust and allows Regence to insure those members. For 7+ years we have been partnering to bring high quality and cost-effective coverage to the states construction workers while highlighting the value of the AGC association.

Tell us something you would like our members to know.

We recently unveiled a new project called Journi. Journi is a completely personalized service that supports you and your family, wherever life takes you. We are bringing together individual point solutions into a single cohesive experience for individuals and the people they love—not just for one moment in time during an interaction with the health care system, but for a lifetime—birth to completion of life.

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