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ODOT Questions Needed for APAO Conference

APAO Annual Asphalt Pavement ConferenceAnnual Asphalt Pavement Conference
February 21, 2017
Valley River Inn, Eugene, Ore.

The paving conference will feature topics including technological advancements in roadway safety technology (developed from anti-missile technology), using technology in roadway construction, advancements in pavement design, and the top priorities of the pavement industry to improve performance. It is a great opportunity to hear from nationally recognized experts focused on roadway research and policy.

As part of the conference, APAO will be hosting a Q&A forum with ODOT. You are encouraged to submit questions for the session, which will be presented as anonymous unless otherwise specified by you. Please submit questions via email by Friday January 20.

Anyone involved in roadway infrastructure design or construction will benefit from the conference.

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