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Meet AGC’s Union Contractor Group

Meet AGC’s Union Contractor Group

AGC would not be able to have the successful events and meetings without our generous partners! As a benefit of our yearly Partner Program, we spotlight each of our member partner companies. To learn more about them, we ask that they complete the following list of questions:

What is the Union Contractor Group?

The Union Contractor Group (UCG) are the AGC member contractors signatory to one or more of the five labor agreements the chapter is party to: Carpenters, Laborers, Cement Masons, Operating Engineers, and Teamsters.

What are the overall mission and goals of the UCG?

The UCG provides the negotiating team members to support contract negotiations and maintain our partnerships with the various crafts. We also provide funding for the labor relations manager position at the chapter. Finally, we support a number of industry issues that benefit our members, primarily related to workforce development and craft training.

What is the key focus of the UCG this year?

This year we are reaching out to our members to help build negotiating teams for next year’s contract negotiations.

If someone was to take away one important fact about the UCG, what would you want it be?

Being a union contractor offers many advantages in the marketplace. You have access to a large, highly trained workforce with minor HR responsibilities. This allows you to ramp up/ramp down on projects quickly, gain access to additional projects, and be assured your workforce is producing a quality product.


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