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SAIF Corporation declares $150 million dividend for policyholders

SAIF Corporation declares $150 million dividend for policyholders

Great news!  On September 12, SAIF Corporation’s Board of Directors declared a $150 million dividend for approximately 43,000 current and former customers.  Customers with policies that ended in 2011 are eligible for the dividend, which includes the 650+ AGC members that were participating in the AGC/SAIF workers’ compensation program!

Individual dividend information will be available to employers through SAIF’s website,, beginning October 5. Checks will be mailed to eligible SAIF policyholders during October.

“SAIF is able to pay this dividend based on investment returns and improvements in workplace safety and loss experience,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Brenda Rocklin.

“The Board of Directors has evaluated SAIF’s financial condition and determined that we can return a $150 million dividend to SAIF policyholders, while safeguarding the funds we need to pay benefits to injured workers,” said Cathy Travis, chair of SAIF’s board. “This dividend reflects the commitment of our policyholders and their employees to workplace safety.”

“AGC is proud to be a long time partner with SAIF Corporation and we are thrilled to see our members’ attention to safety is paying great dividends — literally,” said Colette Evers, AGC Safety and Education Director. “This dividend, right on the tail of our recent $5.6 million retro return for program participants, is just one more indicator that workplace safety really does pay!

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