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Q&A With The DJC

The Daily Journal of Commerce is the leading source of built industry news and information in the Pacific Northwest. Their editorial content, virtual plan room, and events are focused on providing you actionable leads and helping you make valuable connections. Their array of marketing products—from custom events to their powerful Propel digital marketing tools—allow them to build highly targeted, measurable campaigns that get you business. Here’s a peek into the DJC through their publisher, Nick Bjork.

Q1: Why do you find your relationship with AGC valuable?

In a lot of ways the DJC and AGC have the same values and goals—to support and grow the local building industry. This shared interest has forged one of the DJC’s deepest and most long standing relationships. Saying this reminds me of a time recently that myself and some AGC staff were trying to figure out when a deal we had in place first started to see what was originally agreed upon. We never did find the root of the deal, but it stood out to me just how far back our relationship goes.

I’d also add that while the AGC is a big organization with lots of members and several different hats to wear, I feel like I can always call someone up if I need an answer or am looking for more information on something. The organization has a great understanding of the issues the industry is facing, which helps us do our job better.

Q2: What is the overall mission and goals of the DJC?

We measure our success in the success of our subscribers and advertising partners. For over 145 years, the DJC has worked hard to establish itself as the leading inside source to key information that develops opportunities and forges relationships in the region. While that remains our core value, we want to grow with you. As technology advances, and projects become increasingly more complicated, we want to make your life easier by providing leads and opportunities in the format and time frame that you need to be successful. We aren’t the same DJC we were a year ago, and we don’t expect to be the same DJC next year, or in the next 145 years.

Q3: What is the key focus of the DJC this year?

Our main focus this year has been to build better marketing products that are more impactful for our advertisers, and are tailored to their very specific needs. We look at everything in terms of thoughtful leadership. We don’t want to just promote your business, but promote your expertise, and the things that set you apart from your competition. It can be hard to relay those things in an ad, which is why we’re creating opportunities for custom educational events, sponsored content and the use of our email list to get case studies in the hands of potential clients, to name a few.

The other major focus for the DJC is building out better technology. We’ve already done a lot of it, but I’m focused on rolling out an entirely new and updated virtual plan center. We believe in the information we provide, but we know the platform in which we use can be more effective and easier to use. We are deep in the process of building a new system that will allow us to provide more projects, and make it easier for you to find and bid on the projects you’re looking for.

Q4: What is the DJC Project Center?

If you haven’t ever checked out our virtual plan room, the DJC Project Center, do! We offer the most comprehensive database of projects in the Pacific Northwest. A membership gets you access to our daily new projects email, a searchable database, job updates tracking capabilities, and free download of any project documents. We offer free one-day trials. Please click here for more information or contact DJC Project Center Manager Sharlene Richard at 503-802-7252.

Q5: Who should I contact at the DJC if I want more information?

If you’re interested in learning more about our products or marketing opportunities, you can always contact me, Nick Bjork, directly at 503-802-7214.If you want to see what the DJC is really all about, I recommend you come to one of our events. Contact me for more information on what we have coming up.

Q6: If someone was to take away one important fact about the DJC, what would you want it be?

That we take what we do very seriously, but we are not satisfied. We only succeed when you succeed, and we’re always open to discussing how we can improve our offerings and help get you more business.

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