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Participate in the Statewide Off-Road Diesel Inventory

AGC strongly encourages your participation in the ongoing statewide off-road diesel inventory, should you be contacted by Easter Research Group about your diesel fleet. You can view the original letter here.

March 14, 2019

To: Members of Associated General Contractors

In 2017, there was a push by several legislators to pass legislation that would adopt wholesale the California off-road diesel regulation. This would have effectively made any diesel engine manufactured prior to 2007 obsolete. At the end of lengthy negotiations, a compromise was reached with agreement to collect data necessary to quantify the extent of the problem, if one exists.

The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has been instructed by the Oregon State Legislature to collect an inventory of non-road diesel engines utilized to power equipment in the State of Oregon. DEQ has retained the services of the Eastern Research Group, Inc. (ERG), to collect this data. This will be a sampling exercise and you may, or may not, be contacted by ERG and be asked for information about your equipment fleet and the engines that power them.

While the decision to participate in the data collection is entirely yours, it is paramount in our efforts to control diesel regulation that your company cooperate as the data could be very helpful in protecting the interests of AGC members moving forward.

For future discussions on diesel legislation, it will be helpful to know how many engines are being utilized in our industry; the frequency of their use; where are they located (rural vs urban); how old are the engines; and the number of employees who rely on such equipment for their livelihoods.

So, if you should get a call from ERG, this is why. Information will be held confidential, aggregated and will NOT be used to create a registry of diesel equipment. Ultimately, the decision is yours relative to your participation, but we wanted you all to know that this exercise has the support of your association.

Please feel free to contact either of us with any questions.

Best Regards,


Larry Gescher and John Rakowitz

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