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Oregonians for Equality Luncheon Honors Val Solorzano, C.O.A.T. Flagging

Basic Rights Oregon is committed to helping community leaders create safe, affirming workplaces throughout Oregon. They support people, families, and the next generation with advocacy, policy, and best practices to lead the way to brighter times. And they believe in celebrating business leaders who innovate their work environments as champions for equity and inclusion.

Their rebranded Oregonians for Equality Luncheon is a perfect opportunity to keep this fight front and center.

Honoree: C.O.A.T. Flagging

About Val Solorzano and COAT: As someone who is committed to inclusion and equity for all persons, Val Solorzano brings a personal insight into the barriers that jeopardize a diverse workforce. Although Val’s ideals for inclusivity have been a life-long core value, establishing Chick of All Trades (C.O.A.T.) 15 years ago was pivotal. She faced numerous roadblocks while launching her company, but with the assistance of mentors, Val broke through those walls that often were related to her gender, ethnicity, and sexuality. Val readily rolls up her sleeves and digs deep into her pockets for Basic Rights Oregon and pursues their mission with pride.

“I am encouraged that our statewide efforts, from small and large companies, from private and public entities and courageous individuals will continue the conversation and policy changes to ensure equity for all.”

Oregonians For Equality Luncheon
April 16, 2020
11:30 am–1 pm
Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom

Click here for more information and to register for the luncheon honoring Val, and join AGC in congratulating Val and C.O.A.T. Flagging!

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