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Let’s Be Safe in Work Zones!

We’re at the height of summer, and with that comes the height of active work zones on the roadway. Traffic disruption, traffic jams, and shortened driver tempers can make for a very difficult commute! Portland metro residents understand that this year; traffic is worse this summer than in over a decade!

Road workers at jobsites are at an extreme risk of injury while working only feet away from moving traffic, some at a high rate of speed. We’re asking all drivers to follow these four guidelines when they’re near a work zone:

  • Slow Down – drive the posted speeds, they’re there for your safety
  • Be Kind – the workers are helping to improve the roadway for all drivers
  • Pay Attention – to workers directing you and surrounding traffic; do not use phones or other devices while driving
  • Stay Calm – expect delays, leave early and take alternate routes if possible; no meeting or appointment is worth risking lives
  • Plan Your Trip – Before you go, check for road, project, and delay information. You can also check your favorite GPS/maps app for drive times and alternate routes. (Just make sure you do this before you go!)

This year the Washington State Department of Transportation, the Washington Asphalt Pavement Association, and the Associated General Contractors joined forces to promote work zone safety. They created this video to show how quickly a moment’s inattention or distraction can have disastrous results.


Let’s all enjoy the summer safely!

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