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Jordan Cove Supporters Going Back to FERC

Jordan Cove LNG has finalized its optimized project design and intends to file a new application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

“While the decision on Friday was disappointing, we remain committed to this project,” said Betsy Spomer, CEO of Jordan Cove LNG.

The 2015 Final Environmental Impact Statement remains valid and confirmed that the project is environmentally responsible. According to Spomer, the plan is getting even better. “Through feedback from stakeholders and extensive engineering work, we have designed a more efficient facility that does not require a power plant, and will reduce overall environmental impacts.”

On Tuesday, December 13, Jordan Cove LNG withdrew its application with the Energy Facility Siting Council to build a 420-megawatt power plant. Removing the power plant from the plan will result in a facility that can be more efficiently and effectively operated with a smaller infrastructure footprint.

“I am excited to hear Jordan Cove intends to re-file and is committed to bringing thousands of family-wage jobs to rural Oregon,” said Oregon State Senator Arnie Roblan. “Jordan Cove’s investment will rank among the largest private investments in Oregon’s history. The project will generate hundreds of millions in tax revenue for schools, infrastructure improvements and public safety that will take the burden off the backs of local taxpayers.”

AGC Oregon-Columbia Chapter Executive Director Mike Salsgiver expressed his association’s support for the project as well. “The South-Central Oregon Coast has faced economic challenges for over 40 years. This project would be the largest private investment in Oregon history. AGC strongly supports Jordan Cove. We encourage all levels of government to get this project built and operating and bring outstanding jobs to the South-Central Coast.”

As Jordan Cove LNG readies the applications for re-filing, important agreements stay in place, including commitments to provide clean natural gas to southern Oregon homes and businesses through the local pipeline network.

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