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AGC Urges You to Vote Yes on 104

One of the most important votes you can make is in support of Measure 104.

What is the problem that must be solved? Oregon’s State Legislature has successfully worked around the constitutional requirement of a three-fifths supermajority to raise taxes on everyday Oregonians and small businesses.

Measure 104 will force Democrats and Republicans to work together to pass meaningful and necessary legislation when increasing taxes, fees, assessments, or adjusting deductions.

This is about bipartisanship.

We continue to see an overreach of power and increases in regulation, especially in the construction industry, as Oregon has been led by one party for more than 30 years.

Measure 104 clarifies Oregon’s constitution to make it more difficult to pass easy tax hikes that impact Oregonians. Given the current landscape of the Oregon State Legislature and imbalance among parties, receiving input from both sides of the aisle is just not a priority for the majority party.


“If approved, the measure would end the game-playing…The measure makes sense, and approving it would serve to tell some lawmakers Oregonians are not as dumb as they seem to think we are.”

Bend Bulletin, 7/2/2018

Your support is critical in working to protect the long-term economic success of our state and in turn, the future of our industry.


Join us in voting YES on Measure 104

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