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AGC/SAIF Members Receive $3.3 Million Retro Return

Wilsonville, Ore.—The Associated General Contractors Oregon-Columbia Chapter (AGC) and SAIF announced today a $3,360,142 retrospective return for the 639 companies who participated in the AGC/SAIF group workers’ compensation program during 2018–2019. This represents a 9.9 percent return of paid premiums during the policy year.

These are remarkable results for any industry, but particularly in the construction industry, where increasing construction activity and a continued shortage of qualified workers have presented unique challenges, making these results more significant for the year being evaluated (2018–2019). There will be additional challenges next year, as we evaluate the 2019–2020 year due to COVID-19. The actual total payout to participants will surpass $6.5 million after the Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS) and non-disabling claim reimbursement adjustments are made. Individual results and retro checks will be mailed directly from SAIF to policyholders in mid-August.

The retro return combined with the impressive 12 percent upfront premium discount savings creates a total combined savings this year of 22 percent. A retro return has been paid to AGC members in 27 of the past 28 years. Total retro returns spanning the 28-year history for the AGC/SAIF program now surpass $196 million. Although the retro return is lower compared to that of last year, it is a significant indicator of the commitment to worker safety that the participating companies have made.

Employers will see additional savings this year due to a significant reduction in Oregon pure premium rates for 2020. The contracting industry decreased 10.9 percent overall, and the AGC group weighted average rate decrease is 10.2 percent. While employers pay less in initial premium, those decreases put pressure on continued safety performance, and employers and employees alike must remain vigilant with their safety efforts.

“2020 has shaped up to be a crazy, turbulent year. Yet for the 28th year in a row, contractors in the SAIF-AGC workers’ compensation program have continued to demonstrate a high level of commitment and performance. We appreciate the partnership we have with SAIF in being able to work with our members to build projects safely while keeping our workers safe and healthy,” said Mike Salsgiver, executive director of the AGC Oregon-Columbia Chapter.

The retro return is based on the safety performance of all group members, so it is truly a team effort. Employers in the program make investments and commitments to safety and training. Employees carry out the work, utilizing safe work practices and behaviors. And industry professionals from SAIF, AGC, and agent brokers work diligently to train and educate, manage claims costs, and help injured workers get back to work.

“We are very proud of the results for this program and all of the effort and hard work that has gone into keeping Oregon’s construction workers safe and healthy. This is a true partnership between workers, employers, agents, AGC, and SAIF,” said Christy Witzke, vice president of marketing, sales, and communication at SAIF. “We are excited to be starting our 30th year of the AGC/SAIF program in October and look forward to many more years of getting construction workers home safely every day.”

About AGC

For nearly 100 years, the AGC Oregon-Columbia Chapter has been the premier professional association for contractors in Oregon and SW Washington, representing the best of the best in commercial construction. Together we’re setting the bar for quality and safety. We’re committed to enhancing the performance of our members, representing their interests, and building a better climate for construction.

About SAIF

SAIF is Oregon’s not-for-profit workers’ compensation insurance company. Since 1914, we’ve been taking care of injured workers, helping people get back to work, and striving to make Oregon the safest and healthiest place to work. For more information, visit the About SAIF page on

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