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AGC 2014 Post-Election Report

Election 2014

You will find an overview of Tuesday’s election results in AGC’s 2014 Post-Election Report.

In short, the national Republican wave did not arrive in Oregon and the Oregon legislative balance has shifted more heavily in favor of the Democrats. With 15 House incumbents opting against running for re-election (and another defeated in the primary), more than a quarter of the House of Representatives consists of new members. The balance now is 35 Democrats and 25 Republicans, one vote shy of a super majority. The Oregon Senate is now stands at 17 Democrats and 12 Republicans with the Bruce Starr race remaining too close to call.

At the local level, voters narrowly approved a Clackamas Community College Capitol Construction Bond. At the Executive branch level, the voters re-elected Governor Kitzhaber for an unprecedented fourth term.

All in all, Oregon’s political landscape remains a very different environment out of step with national trends. That combined with a particularly negative campaign season will make for a very changed atmosphere in the halls of the Capitol during the upcoming 2015 Legislative Session.

For questions regarding this election’s results, AGC’s Committee for Action PAC or the implications for AGC’s 2015 Legislative Agenda, please contact John Rakowitz,

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