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Action Alert: Construction Jobs are on the Line!

Tell President Trump and your U.S. Senators to support an immediate infusion of $49.95 billion in funding for state departments of transportation (DOTs)! Thousands of construction jobs may be on the line if Congress does not act soon to provide this critical transportation funding.

Due to the unprecedented impact of the pandemic, many state DOTs have delayed projects, as transportation revenue projections show significant declines nationwide. Without immediate federal funding for state DOTs to help ensure these projects can move forward, the threat of significant layoffs grows exponentially and the long-term benefits such projects bring to our economy and communities could be in jeopardy.

Click the “Take Action” button below and simply submit the pre-written message as is to President Trump and your members of Congress or customize it with personal information on how this issue impacts you and your employer.

Currently, projections show a 50 percent vehicle traffic decline and, in certain states, a 67 percent toll road traffic decline. As a result, state DOTs are facing a 30 percent decline on average in their transportation revenue over the next 18 months, but some could experience losses as high as 45 percent.

The Trump Administration and Congress must support providing state DOTs with additional funding to help combat the threat of further project delays and construction worker layoffs. This funding is essential in order to achieve the long-term benefits from infrastructure investment.

Taking action is easy. Simply click the below button to submit the pre-written message as is or customize it with personal information on how this issue impacts you and your company. If you would like to forward the alert to colleagues and friends, please wait for the instructions that will be included in the confirmation email after you take action.

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