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ACTION ALERT: Ask Your US Senator to Support Transportation Funding

Committees in the United States Senate have completed action on Federal transportation reauthorization legislation. The US Senate will begin action on the floor tomorrow with a parliamentary procedure called a “Motion to Proceed.” As its name implies, before Senate debate can begin, the motion to proceed must be approved. If one Senator objects, 60 votes will be necessary to begin debate on the bill.

Please contact your Senators (for Oregon, Senator Ron Wyden and Senator Jeff Merkley; for Washington, Senator Patty Murray and Senator Maria Cantwell) and ask them to vote in favor of the motion to proceed. You can send a letter through AGC’s Legislative Action Center by clicking here.

AGC will continue to send alerts over the next several weeks as the highway and transit bills are debated on the House and Senate floors. It is vital that AGC members keep in contact with their Senators and Representatives. AGC will be issuing action alerts as necessary to ensure that Congress hears from the construction industry. It is important that you respond to these action alerts by contacting your Members of Congress.

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