Retirement & 401(k)

The Northwest AGC Chapters Retirement Plan is a cost effective, state-of-the-art retirement and 401(k) program that can accommodate prevailing wage as well as normal retirement needs.

Northwest AGC Chapters 401(k) Retirement Plan

retirement plan label on document folder with eye glasses and a graphThis plan is designed specifically for AGC members to allow companies of all sizes to participate in a retirement program without the high costs.

The plans available can be tailored to the design and budget of your particular business. The plan requires no billed fees to the employer for administration. We have engaged the services of qualified pension plan professionals to ensure that this program meets the needs of all our member companies no matter what size. The plan also qualifies as an alternative employer-sponsored retirement plan for OregonSaves.

AGC Retirement Plan Can Help You:

  • Save through bulk buying power of AGC members in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska
  • Meet your needs through a customized, multi-fund approach with full range of investment options
  • Attract and retain the people who help make your company successful
  • Create a business tax deduction for the company, a valued employee benefit, and a way to diversify your company’s investment
  • Reduce liability by outsourcing the fiduciary responsibility for running your plan to a board of trustees

The AGC Retirement Plan Offers:

  • A professional support team that provides individualized plan and fund design, employee education, and ongoing service
  • Prevailing wage plans tailored for the construction industry that allow open shop companies to compete more effectively on Davis-Bacon projects and improve company cash flow
  • Options including 401(k), Davis-Bacon, profit sharing, and the ability to award various classes of employees
  • Coverage by the Plan’s ERISA bond and 5500 filing
  • 24-hour web or telephone access to account information

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Our Members Love Us

We love to be able to offer our employees a retirement plan at no cost to our company.

Sean Emrick
Vice President, Brown Contracting, Inc.

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