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Working on a Project Near a Railroad?

Working on a Project Near a Railroad?

Survey on Railroad Issues Impacting Construction

AGCA Survey on Railroad Issues Impacting ConstructionContractors working on construction projects for DOTs or other non-railroad owners near or on a railroad right of way are often required to comply with railroad-imposed requirements. These requirements may or may not be spelled out in the construction contract. These RR-imposed requirements can often be confusing and counterproductive.

Dealing with railroads as owners or dealing with railroads who control part of or access to your jobsite can take special care and planning. Sometimes it requires working closer with the DOT to understand their agreement with the railroad; other times it requires one-on-one negotiation with the railroads themselves. This can be particularly problematic when the railroad causes delays for a construction project for a third party like a state DOT or a private owner.

AGC of America would like to develop best practices that can help the construction industry improve efficiency in project delivery. To assist in that effort, please take a few minutes to answer some questions.

Complete the AGC of America survey.

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