Oregon-Columbia Chapter Board of Directors

2017 Board of Directors

The Oregon-Columbia Chapter Board of Directors is comprised of elected, appointed, and designated members representing all segments of the chapter’s membership. The board meets six times per year; all AGC members are welcome to attend any board of directors meeting.

Strategic Plan

The Board of Directors has outlined four strategic objectives to direct the chapter’s efforts. This document is actively followed by the board and staff, and is regularly reviewed and updated.

AGC Oregon-Columbia Chapter Strategic Plan

Brian Gray, 2016 Chapter President

Brian Gray, 2017 Chapter President


 Elected Member Directors

*New Board Member

Designated Directors

* Past President

Appointed Director

Council Directors

Ex Officio Directors

Counsel to the Board

Higher Education Partners

Board Member Emeritus

Leadership Website

Chapter leadership (Board of Directors or Executive Committee) can log on to this password-protected website, www.agcboardofdirectors.com. Contact Kari Schoonover for login information, 503-685-8318.

For more information contact Mike Salsgiver, chapter executive director, 503-685-8305 or 800-826-6610.