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Take the AGCA Workforce Survey

Take the AGCA Workforce Survey

LAST CHANCE — Tell us about the current supply of skilled workers in your area
From AGC of America – Over the past several months, we have received a number of reports, most of which were anecdotal, about sporadic shortages of skilled construction workers in certain parts of the country. At the same time, overall construction employment, while rising steadily, remains well below peak employment levels. As a result, we are having a hard time gauging the extent of worker shortages and if and where those shortages may be impacting construction projects. Please take a few brief minutes to complete this survey so we can conduct a more complete and accurate assessment of if, where and to what extent there are actual shortages of skilled craft workers and/or qualified construction professionals. Your input will help us correctly calibrate our messaging to elected officials and the media and will also guide our efforts to support workforce development. Thank you in advance for your time and support. Take the survey.

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