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CMGC Bill Ready for Governor’s Signature

AGC supported Senate Bill 254, currently waiting for the governor’s signature, that will change Oregon’s public contracting law. This new law is the product of a workgroup convened following the 2011 session to review the use of and improvements to the CMGC contracting method for public works.

AGC’s President Tom Gerding, Second Vice-President Larry Gescher, Past-President Scott Williams, and AGC members Carl Redman and Terry Shugrue all served on this workgroup. Jeremy Vermilyea co-chaired the workgroup.

The changes contained in this law are designed to ensure more transparency for all contractors. It also requires all public owners to adhere to a single set of consistent rules when considering the CMGC contracting approach and afterwards when utilizing CMGC. SB 254 requires all public contracting agencies to document the reasoning before granting an exemption from the competitive bidding process in favor of this alternative bidding process. The bill directs the Department of Justice to draft and adopt new rules to clarify how public contracting agencies implement this new law by July 1, 2014.

For more information on this policy, please contact Tom Gerding.

For more information on the bill, contact John Rakowitz, 503-317-1781.

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