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AGC Adds New Core Policy Position

Today, AGC’s Board of Directors voted to formalize three updated Core Policy Positions and one new Core Policy Position regarding government intrusions into the construction industry. On Friday September 19, the Legislative Committee Forum convened and conducted a general review of AGC’s standing Core Policies. As our members know, AGC is highly agenda-driven. AGC’s lobbying team uses these core policies to guide their work in Salem during legislative sessions and as the key communication tool with all public policy makers. The impact of having standing, long-term core policies that maximize AGC’s influence in the Capitol and during policy discussions cannot be overstated.

Following Chapter Protocol, the Legislative Committee submitted their suggested changes to the Executive Committee on Wednesday October 8. The Executive Committee reviewed and approved the updates to the core policy positions as well as the following new core policy:

• Add a Preserve and Advocate Employee-Employer Relationship section that says: “We oppose unnecessary, “one-size-fits-all” government intrusions into the construction industry, including additional mandated benefits or any other requirements that disrupt an already heavily regulated employee-employer relationship.”

In response to the enactment of sick leave policies in two cities in the state, AGC’s new core policy will guide our lobbying team during the 2015 Legislative Session during which a statewide Mandated Paid Sick Leave is predicted to be a hot issue.

At today’s Board of Directors Meeting, the updates and the new core policy were formally ratified and approved. A copy of AGC’s Core Policies can be found here and on the Government Affairs page of the website.

For any questions related to AGC’s Core Policy Positions, please contact John Rakowitz at 503-317-1781.

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