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Convergence Networks Partner Spotlight: How Secure is Your MSP

How Secure is Your Managed Service Provider?

When it comes to security, not all Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) are created alike. The complexities of today’s cybersecurity threat landscape have changed drastically over the years. It is not what it was five, or even two years ago, which makes it far more challenging for MSPs to keep up. This past summer many MSPs were put to the test when a sophisticated cyberattack was carried out on Kaseya, an IT management software thousands of MSPs use to service their customers. The July 4th weekend attack ultimately targeted Managed Service Providers, their customers, and their networks.

A cyberattack on an MSP or on a tool that an MSP uses can be devastating to many businesses. Today, MSPs are targets like never before. If a cybercriminal gains access to a tool an MSP uses, it can trigger a snowball effect, creating a security risk for every company network the MSP has access to.

The Importance of Cybersecurity in the Construction Industry

In North America, the construction industry was the third-highest industry facing ransomware attacks in the last year, with manufacturing being the second-highest. Unfortunately, this statistic is no surprise to us as we have continuously seen an increase in ransomware and cyber-threats over the years. For many businesses ransomware, or any breach, could force them out of business. Not only is the cost to recover data expensive but the cost of halting operations to deal with the security incident can also be crippling. Construction companies cannot afford to work with an MSP that does not make security a priority for themselves. Construction companies need to work with an MSP that also understands their industry standards and business needs to ensure there is a balance with operational needs.

You might be wondering, why would my business ever be a target for cybercrime? The reality is cybercriminals do not care who you are or what you do. The ultimate goal is for cybercriminals is to get paid. This is organized crime; they treat it like a business and an opportunity is an opportunity. If you or the vendors you work with leave the door open to your network, as so many businesses do, someone will eventually walk in and ask for your money. Neglect, denial, and assumptions are what opens the door to a cyber-attack. This is another reason it is so important to work with an MSP that puts security first. You can’t risk a criminal getting into your network through their gaps in security.

Are You Asking Your MSP the Right Security Questions?

While digital extortion will continue to be a fact of life in the modern business world, how much a cyber-attack may impact your business in the future depends on the choices you make today. By working with a Managed Service Provider who puts security first you can be certain your MSP monitors risks and recommends the best technologies, practices, and policies to keep your company secure. Not all MSPs are as secure as they think and it’s time to figure out which kind you are working with so you can have an informed conversation.

Do you want to learn what it means to be working with a Security First MSP? If so, visit our website here and download our How Secure is Your MSP worksheet for the 13 questions you should be asking your MSP to make sure they are putting security first.

About Convergence Networks

Convergence Networks is an award-winning Managed IT Service Provider based in Portland, Oregon, protecting hundreds of small businesses from cybersecurity risks together with its sister company Luminant Security, who provides advanced Managed Cybersecurity Services solutions. With 20 years of success, they are focused on attracting talented and passionate people who work with small-to-medium size businesses as strategic partners to drive results and more profitable companies. They offer a full spectrum of solutions covering cybersecurity, strategic planning, end user support, cloud solutions, VOIP phone systems plus network and user hardware. For more information, please visit and

AGC would not be able to have the successful events and meetings without our generous partners! As a benefit of our yearly Partner Program, we spotlight some of our member partner companies. Thank you Convergence Networks!

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