Videos Reveal Unwelcome Visitors to Jobsites and Cranes

More than a dozen internet videos, recently gaining in popularity, depict a group of young people accessing local construction sites after-hours and even during the day. These individuals are climbing cranes and buildings under construction to video-record themselves hanging precariously at heights to post online. Because of the risky nature of these climbs, the person(s) responsible are getting a lot of online attention, which simply encourages them to do more. This is very concerning from a public and contractor-safety perspective.

This is a reminder to all industry members to do a thorough job of securing job sites after-hours and keeping an eye on them during the day. Please be sure to keep your cranes secure with anti-climb enclosures and your jobsite locked up, with site fencing and security measures in place. Should you have any concerns, or experience a break-in, let us know. We want to help ensure that we are looking out for one another and helping law enforcement get a handle on this as well. Contact a member of the AGC Safety Management Team.

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