National Ladder Safety Month – March 2021

National Ladder Safety Month

It is imperative that we all continue to place serious and effective focus on ladder safety.

Unsafe Behaviors Causing Accidents and Injuries:

  • Improper type of ladder used; improper class of ladder used.
  • Ladder is too short for work task.
  • Damaged or altered ladder used.
  • Rails, rungs, spreaders, or feet of ladder damaged.
  • Overloaded ladder; person, tools, or materials.
  • Unstable ladder; position of feet, uneven ground.
  • Slippery footing; grease, oil, ice, rain, mud, sand, etc.
  • No three-point contact used; (two feet and one hand or two hands and one foot).
  • Unsecured ladder tip: no tie-off used, improper angle.
  • Awkward work; holding tools or materials.
  • Leaning, reaching, or stretching outside center alignment of rails.
  • Sitting or standing astride top of ladder.
  • Standing on top of ladder or top rung of ladder.
  • Twisting, standing sideways, jumping off.
  • Missing the last step while coming down the ladder.
  • Loss of attention to tasks: talking, phones, smoking or eating.

Make ladder safety a priority of your company safety culture

Great sources for ladder safety information and training:

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