Workers’ Compensation Insurance

AGC/SAIF Members Earn $2.5 M Retro Return

Safety + Workers’ Compensation Insurance = Sound Investments in Your Business

ASAIF logoGC, in partnership with SAIF Corporation offers an innovative group workers’ compensation program designed exclusively for construction firms of all sizes who are AGC members, have a demonstrated commitment to safety and loss control practices, and who meet the established underwriting and eligibility standards.

Working Safe! We help members develop sound and sustainable workplace safety practices that reduce injuries and save lives. Every day, more employees return home safely to their families.

Save on insurance premiums! For the current (2016-17) plan year, participating members save on their premiums through AGC with a 10% up-front discount. The most recent retro return (2014-15) paid out 8.3%, and as an added bonus, with policyholders saved and additional 22-26% with SAIF’s 2016 dividend announcement!

AGC/SAIF Members Rewarded for Safety EffortsThis performance is not a fluke. It has become a tradition! Retro returns have been earned and paid nearly every year since program inception in 1991. Participating members have received retro returns that average over 20%, with over $169 million paid out over the years in retro returns alone!

The secret to our success? We provide a winning combination of competitive rates, consistent performance, and construction industry expertise. AGC’s safety management consultants (SMCs) are selected for their experience in construction and related fields and SAIF claims and return-to-work teams are hand-picked for their construction-industry experience.

To receive a quote, contact an approved SAIF agent or SAIF direct writer.

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