Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless Corporate Savings

  • 22% savings on eligible monthly access plans of $34.99/month or higher
  • 25% accessory discount
  • 3GB data plan for $20/month
  • Quarterly promotions for new corporate activations and eligible equipment upgrades
  • Productivity savings with online personalized account management, ordering, and reporting tools
  • Wireless data cards – connect jobsites to the Internet without setting up temporary fixed line connection fees, access email, data, and information while away from the office
  • More productivity solutions!

Employees Save Too!

  • 18% savings on eligible monthly access plans of $34.99/month or higher with enrollment in paperless billing (15% discount without paperless billing enrollment)
  • 25% accessory discount

Paperless Discount

For more information on paperless billing, click here.

Note: Minimum qualifying calling plans and contract requirements apply for both corporate and employee programs. Ask your Verizon service representative for details.

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Who is Eligible?

There are two validation points for this program.

National Purchasing Partners (NPP) Requirement:

  • Eligible members must have a valid membership in the National Purchasing Partners (NPP) program. No fee is required to participate in the NPP program. Participants must enroll in NPP before accessing any discounts. (Verizon representatives will need your NPP registration validation to continue.)
  • Registering to become an NPP member is free and easy. Here’s how to sign up:
    1. Click here to register for a National Purchasing Partners (NPP) account Link to NPP
    2. Click here to view instructions.

Verizon Wireless Requirements:

  • Companies performing a significant amount of physical construction services, as well as architects, engineers, and surveyors.

For more information on the Verizon program, contact Judy Robinson, 503-685-8304 or 800-826-6610.