What is a General Contractor?

Are you a contractor whose work is predominately done directly for owners? A general contractor member (GC) is defined as an individual, partnership, corporation, or other business entity that is capable of performing construction work as a contractor with overall responsibility for the satisfactory completion of a project using its own forces to perform or supervise part of the work AND which performs 25% of its total volume of work as a general contractor.

Chapter and AGC of America

2016-2017 Annual Dues

Construction Volume

$0–1 Million $2,400
$1–2 Million $2,470
$2–5 Million $4,700
$5–10 Million $7,130
$10–15 Million $7,860
$15–20 Million $9,200
$20–45 Million $11,175
Over $45 Million $12,950

Dues are based upon the volume of work performed by the member within chapter territory during the previous calendar year.

Additional Information

Click here for a membership application. More questions? Contact Judy Robinson, 503-685-8304 or 800-826-6610.