Early Career Development

Building Our Future

AGC is working today to meet Oregon’s future construction needs. Efforts are underway in multiple arenas to assure the development and recruitment of a highly skilled, diverse construction workforce. Passion, talent and funding are mission critical to assure we have a skilled workforce for today and the future.

Get your hands dirty and help shape the future of your construction workforce!  Join the AGC Workforce and Professional Development Council where these workforce initiatives are hatched!

Workforce development is a huge undertaking, much larger than AGC can manage alone. AGC has established a broad spectrum of industry connections and has developed industry-specific resources to expand construction workforce awareness Outreach and communications about construction careers runs the full gamut. It begins as early as elementary school, and progresses through high school, apprenticeships, skilled and technical trades, professional degrees and continuing professional development. Find out more about a few of the industry workforce programs supported by AGC. www.build-oregon.com
Student Chapters
Apprenticeship Programs
Northwest College of Construction

For more information about AGC’s support of these programs, contact Colette Evers, 503-685-8328 or 800-826-6610.