Highway/Heavy/Utility Contractors Council

The Highway/Heavy/Utility Contractors Council was formed to provide a forum for issues of unique significance to heavy/civil/highway contractors. The leadership of this council works regularly with the leadership of the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT).

The council is open to any heavy/civil/highway contractor members. Interested members can also volunteer to participate in sub-groups that include: roads, bridges, specialty, and administration. If you are interested in joining the Highway Council please contact Council Chair Ric Miller.

View Highway/Heavy/Utility Contractors Council Charter.

Core Objectives

Develop Additional Opportunities for Highway Council Member Involvement

  • AGC/ODOT annual meeting
  • Workgroup opportunities on specific issues

ODOT Relations

  • Continue meetings with ODOT leadership: ODOT director, deputy director—Highway Division, etc., to discuss issues of importance to the industry
  • Continue ODOT/AGC leadership group to improve communication and ODOT practices
  • Work with ODOT as OTIA III projects come online: provide feedback and participate in task forces to provide industry feedback.
  • Continue to work with ODOT committees/leadership to move AGC issues forward and ensure timely resolution to issues of concern.


  • Work with other highway-related groups to move issues of mutual concern forward (OCAPA/APAO—Construct by Contract, OCAPA—Aggregate Sourcing, etc.)


  • Work with ODOT or others to provide additional trainings as needed.

Highway/Heavy/Utility Contractors Council Minutes

If you would like copies of meeting minutes or materials, please send your request to John Rakowitz.

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