2017 Oregon Legislative Session Report

Oregon State Capitol

On July 7, 2017, the Oregon Legislature completed its business and adjourned. When the legislature first convened in January, our industry faced an unprecedented number of threats and opportunities. Despite operating in one of only six states controlled by Democrats, AGC, working closely with a broad cross-section of allies, defeated the most critical threats to our industry. The threats defeated included unfeasible workplace scheduling mandates, multiple attempts to outlaw pre-2007 diesel off-road equipment, and the imposition of a gross receipts tax on business for the first time in Oregon’s history. Perhaps more importantly, AGC played a vital role in the passage of Oregon’s largest single transportation funding investment and in securing a dramatic increase in the funding of Career Technical Education (CTE).

If you have any questions on the issues or state investments summarized here, or any of the 373 bills AGC monitored, please contact John Rakowitz, 503-317-1781.

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